Single Cell ICP-MS
hands-on Workshop

02. July 2019 I 13:15 – 16:10

Meeting Point: main entrance of the conference building I 13:15

Invitation to our Single Cell ICP-MS hands-on Workshop

As an official scientific partner of the 7th International Symposium on Metallomics, we are delighted to invite you to join our hands-on Workshop with live multi-elements measurements of eukaryotic cells on a single cell level. Take advantage of this opportunity for a one-to-one experience with our application specialists to discuss this new approach.

Advantages of SC ICP-MS:

SC-ICP-MS offers to quantitatively measure the metal and nanoparticle content in individual cells
SC-ICP-MS allows study of intrinsic metals and the uptake of dissolved and nanoparticulate metals into cells
SC-ICP-MS provides new insights into drug delivery, toxicity assessment, bioavailability and bioaccumulation mechanisms.

As we have just 25 seats available, don’t miss your chance and reserve your spot now! A free bus shuttle between the conference and the training location is provided.

Place of Workshop:

University of Warsaw Biological & Chemical Research Centre

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13.15 Meeting and transfer by bus

13.30 Welcome and Lunch

13.45 Introduction to Single Cell ICP-MS – David Price

14.00 Laboratory work – Chady Stephan

  • Single Cell Hardware

14.15 Laboratory work – Magdalena Muszyńska

  • Transport efficiency
  • Live cell analysis (intrinsic and dosed)

15.00 Cofee Break

15.15 Laboratory work – David, Chady and Magda

  • Software
  • Data interpretation
  • Questions and answers

16.00 Return to conference venue by bus (session starts at 16.25)

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